We manage with our hearts and our heads.

Chief Corporate Management

As the central decision-making body of the Melitta Group, it defines the Group’s strategy. It also sets the targets for the individual operating divisions and corporate divisions as well as for Corporate Communications and Sustainability.

Corporate Headquarters

Staff at our Corporate Headquarters steer and support the individual operating divisions of the Melitta Group. In addition to Chief Corporate Management, the Corporate Headquarters comprise the corporate divisions Finance, Legal Affairs and HR, Corporate Development, and Corporate Staff Public Relations.


The corporate division Finance is responsible for all accounting, treasury, financing and liquidity assurance activities of the Melitta Group. Its main tasks include planning, managing and controlling all important cash flows. It sets the strategic alignment of the Group’s finance division, assumes centralized functions, and provides various financial services for the operating divisions. In addition, it is responsible for internal auditing, during which it reviews, analyzes and assesses Group-wide structures and processes and develops corrective measures where necessary.

Legal Affairs

The corporate division Legal Affairs and HR Policy has the task of identifying all risks arising from new legislation, amendments to case law, and changes within the Group. It supports Chief Corporate Management, the other corporate divisions, and the operating divisions with all legal issues.

Legal HR Policy

The corporate division HR Policy ensures that a single HR policy is applied throughout the Melitta Group. This policy comprises all principles and decisions relating to the mutual relationships between supervisors and employees, between the employees themselves, and between employees and their work.

Corporate Development

The main tasks of Corporate Development include driving Group-wide strategy, as well as initiating and executing strategic projects together with internal and external partners. Among other things, it is responsible for and coordinates the corporate strategy Melitta 2020, as well as the short-, medium- and long-term business planning of Corporate Planning and Corporate Controlling. Corporate Development is also responsible for the Corporate Innovation department, the 10X Incubator Team, the Corporate Marketing Brand Board, and the Competence Center Digital. The corporate division also coordinates and drives forward the Group’s M&A activities.

Corporate Staff Public Relations

Corporate Staff Public Relations is responsible of the Group’s internal and external communications. This includes strategic and operating measures in the field of corporate communication, public relations, sponsoring and events. Its responsibilities also comprise the development and implementation of the Group’s sustainability strategy and the shaping of cultural change as part of organizational development. In addition, its current tasks include the strategic realignment of the Group’s sports sponsoring activities.