Specialist papers and nonwoven materials

Neu Kaliss

Neu Kaliss / Neukölln Spezialpapier manufactures specialist papers and nonwoven materials for industrial use. Its range of nonwoven materials includes nonwoven wallpapers, conductive nonwoven fabrics and solar nonwovens. In its paper business, the operating division produces and processes coffee filters, beer glass and coffee cup drip catchers, crepe papers for dentists and large bakeries, udder papers and extractor hood filters.

In the nonwoven wallpaper market, Neu Kaliss / Neukölln Spezialpapier is one of the world’s top five manufacturers. It supplies both the mass market and premium segments. The products manufactured and processed by Neu Kaliss / Neukölln Spezialpapier are often customized – and in some cases exclusive – high-quality goods using the latest technologies.