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Our cultural and sports sponsoring

Promoting cultural projects

Society and companies benefit from an attractive and lively cultural scene. We believe it is our duty to the public and our employees to provide targeted support to help nourish the diversity of these cultural offerings. This applies in particular to the regions in which our facilities are located.

If we decide to offer support in the form of manpower or finance, we always seek a long-term cooperation over many years. We attach great importance to active, sustainable partnerships where we can contribute our special expertise and experience and which offer a good fit with our company history or corporate values.

Examples of cultural commitment:

  • Support for the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden

  • Melitta Festival Tour: sponsoring activities at the Hurricane Festival, the Happiness Festival, the Highfield Festival, Lollapalooza and the festival in Wacken, as well as for various music events at our home base in Minden

  • Support for the LWL Prussia Museum

  • Sponsoring of the cabaret award “Mindener Stichling”

  • Sponsoring of the Diabetes Charity Gala in Berlin

  • Support for numerous other cultural events

Our commitment to sport

Sport conveys great emotions and creates memorable moments and experiences. Sport stands for motivation and inspiration, as well as for dynamism, liveliness and an enjoyment of life. Just like Melitta.

Moreover, sport conveys values that we also stand for: team spirit, fairness, passion, tradition, commitment, success. For this reason, Melitta has long been closely involved with sport and supports both recreational and competitive sports at a regional and international level.

At the regional level, we have close ties with the players of our local handball team GWD Minden. We support both the club’s first division team and its other men’s and youth teams. We also sponsor the Melitta Eight, whose men’s and women’s teams both compete in Germany’s top-flight rowing leagues. A further regional partner is the German second division team Arminia Bielefeld. Of outstanding international significance for us is our cooperation with the UK-based soccer team Manchester United. In 2017, we signed an extensive partnership agreement with the Premier League’s record champions which goes far beyond classic sponsorship.

Partner of Manchester United

Melitta has been working together with the well-known English soccer club Manchester United since 2017. The partnership focuses on those special moments which both soccer matches and freshly brewed coffee generate and comprises a wide variety of joint activities. The cooperation goes far beyond classic sports sponsoring.

Melitta’s role in the partnership is to secure the bean-to-cup provision of coffee in the stadium and on the training ground. At Old Trafford, lovingly referred to by fans as the “Theatre of Dreams”, Melitta serves visitors via “Red Café Supported by Melitta”. All VIP boxes are equipped with fully automatic Melitta® Caffeo Barista® machines.

The multi-year cooperation agreement goes well beyond classic sponsorship: joint promotion campaigns are as much a part of the partnership as cooperation on social media events, advertising activities and events.

No other club fascinates as many people around the world as Manchester United. With its rich tradition, the record English league champion stands for exceptional performance, inspiration, and a love of life. It stands for success, hard work and passion. And as of 2017, it also stands for outstanding coffee enjoyment throughout the stadium: the legendary Old Trafford.

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