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Direct entry after graduation

Graduation...ans then? Straight into your new job!

After completing their studies, many students are close to despair: after all, it used to be more or less a given that you would find the right job after graduating from university. These days, however, more than half of all graduates are desperately looking for jobs when they finish their studies.

And this figure should not really surprise anyone: more and more young people are going to university after leaving school. This has significantly increased the competition for graduate positions. Students no longer ask “Which job fits my studies best?” The all-important question now is how can graduates find suitable jobs.

Let’s take a look at the career entry options after graduation – and show you what opportunities mid-sized and large companies like Melitta can offer...

Twice the benefits: Melitta's dual study program.

First off: anyone who decides to go to university after school has probably already sketched out their future career and possible career path – with the exception of a few students who change courses. The only thing missing now is to find the perfect entry into their career after graduating. Students can already do a great deal during their studies to make sure they don't end up empty-handed after the long trek through the lecture hall deserts of this world.

A dual study course – like those offered by the Melitta Group in Minden for many years now – offers unique opportunities for subsequent career entry after graduation. This is because future graduates can already gain the necessary practical experience in different jobs during their studies. And also “stake their claim” with a future employer for the time after graduation.

The dual study concept – which the Melitta Group offers in close collaboration with universities and research institutes – represents a clear investment in the future for a family-run company like Melitta. This form of “home-made” expertise is warmly appreciated in Minden. And there are a considerable number of Melitta employees who joined the Group directly after their dual study program.

The early bird...: trainee programs for career starters

First the theory, then the practice. After their seemingly endless studies, many graduates will be itching to finally contribute and implement their own ideas. Fully motivated, they’re also willing to learn new things. For example, during the International Melitta Trainee Program, which the company advertises each year in February.

Graduates with a bachelor’s, master’s or German diploma degree in subjects or specialist fields which the Melitta Group is currently looking for have an obvious “home advantage” here. And not without reason: like many other internationally operating companies, the Melitta Group is committed to training its prospective specialists or executives after their studies – in order to prepare them directly for their future tasks.

The principle of Melitta’s International Trainee Program is as simple as it is extensive. The 18-month program – which, incidentally, begins each year in October and is accompanied by a personal mentor – starts by giving career starters experience of working in up to five different departments. The goal: graduates should get to know the different brands, products, locations, jobs and colleagues of Melitta.

Having gained some initial practical experience and proven their personal skills, trainees are then called upon to spend a longer period abroad in order to experience the international environment of the Melitta Group at first hand. This is one of the reasons why fluent language skills in German and English are required, as well as a foreign semester or internship abroad, in order to participate in this post-grad training program.

A network full of opportunities: online job portals etc.

Try, try, and try again. If students decide against a dual study program when they start university, or their qualification after graduation falls short of the requirements for a trainee program, alternatives are required.

This is where internships, such as those regularly offered by the Melitta Group, or voluntary work for another company, can help. After all, the proverbial “foot in the door” can be the prelude for a successful career.

Those who keep up to date and are well networked can also increase their chances of landing a perfect job after graduation. In addition to the well-known online providers, like XING or LinkedIn, information events and job fairs for young professionals can be particularly interesting.

These are held regularly in all major German cities or metropolitan areas – and offer a wide variety of promising contact opportunities which might help graduates find a job.

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