“Fair company” initiative: Melitta Group stands by its word

The Melitta Group is again entitled to carry the “Fair company” seal in 2017. Initiator of the campaign is karriere.de, an internet portal for career by the German newspapers Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche. By joining the initiative, Melitta commit themselves to tread all internships “fair” respectively to only offer “fair” internships.

First of all this means that all companies pay their interns appropriately, that they define clear goals and tasks and that they assign a designated contact person. On the other hand the Melitta Group commit to provide the internship within a reasonable time period and to issue a certificate at the end of the practical training. 

Interested? Under http://www.faircompany.de/unternehmen/profil/c/melitta-unternehmensgruppe/ you can find our actual internships and many more great information…